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Spoils of the War Between Mazurka and Waltz [entries|friends|calendar]

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Cello Suite No. 1 [16 May 2009|02:16pm]
Made some first recordings of my Cello Suite. 

Listen to it!

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Free Music Fever! [01 May 2009|08:10pm]
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[16 Apr 2009|06:47pm]
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[25 Jan 2009|06:39pm]
The first five people to respond to this post will get something made by me!

my choice. for you. this offer does have some restrictions and limitations:

- I make no guarantees that you will like what I make!
- what I create will be just for you.
- it'll be done this year. no guarantees when, it will be a total surprise!
- you have no clue what it's going to be. it may be poetry. I may draw or paint something. I may bake you something and mail it to you. maybe a beanie. who knows? not you, that's for sure!
- I reserve the right to do something extremely strange.

the catch? oh, the catch is that you have to repost this, and repost right away. we can all make stuff and make someone's day a little bit brighter!

(it will very likely be a song)
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[20 Jan 2009|01:29pm]
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[18 Jan 2009|09:42pm]
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Private Service Announcement [11 Jan 2009|09:53am]
This costs less now.
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[09 Jan 2009|08:53pm]
This  was very good.
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Matt Katz reminded me of this! [01 Jan 2009|09:12am]
My favorite live journal tradition.  The first sentence of the first post of each month of 2008.

January:  Happiness is not a reasonable goal for 2008. But I plan to be very accomplished in other ways. (I think I more or less did what I set out to here.)

February:  Step 1: Put your music player on shuffle.

March:  Fuck it man, I'm just gonna put on The Fox and the Hound and bawl my eyes out. (I guess March was a down month?)

April:  Another song. Heavy on the cello. (See?  Accomplishing stuff.)

May:  http://www.last.fm/music/Robert+Tunstall

There are some new things on it now too, as of yesterday and as of last week. (And again.)

June:  I started another blog to talk about music: theseembarassingideas.blogspot.com

  So every chance I get I pound out another text message and send it off, and I don't really have anything important to say but the thing is I'm just trying to get some face time.

August: There's a new song http://www.last.fm/music/Robert+Tunstall/These+Ideas+Are+Embarassing

  I finished another song http://www.last.fm/music/Robert+Tunstall/These+Ideas+Are+Embarassing/Hey%21+Charlie+Brown%21

October:  For one reason and another (and another) I've had to redo "What You Get" three times now, and I barely have the energy to see it through to the end.

  In my life, as in yours, there have been bad decisions and good ones.

December: I know we've never even
so much as held hands

I know what to call our
daughter, if we ever
have one

But if a son, well
I've got nothing

which is (one of many)
reasons why it's
probably a good thing

that neither will ever
happen (lack of punctuation made it difficult to choose where the first ends)


So 2008 was a year of music.  A year of this and this and this.  I hope that 2009 has that much in common.  And I am sure it will.  

I really think things will be a little bit better if things are just a little less dark. 

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[01 Jan 2009|09:09am]

And happy new year!

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Call [23 Dec 2008|08:44pm]
I'm looking for long and kind of odd infinitive verbs. 

Like:  "To misread a paper's headline then realize and smile."

But not exactly silly, if you follow.

Anyone got any good ones?  Collaboration!

nabs nibs nobs nubs
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[22 Dec 2008|11:58am]

John Cage fun for the whole family. 
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A Small, Round Something [16 Dec 2008|11:07am]
So the Shizuoka Translation Contest Deadline has passed.  I sent my entry in about a week ago.  No idea how I''ll do.  I quite liked the short story I translated though so I thought I would share it with you.  It's got a lot of really nice (well not nice so much as well rendered) imagery in it, and hopefully I did that justice in translating it.  

The StoryCollapse )   

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These Ideas Are Embarassing [10 Dec 2008|02:44pm]
Hey, I decided this album is finished.  The tracks are all there.  You can listen to them all.  They've been touched up, and are of a higher bit-rate than the files previously posted.  So give a listen, and if you dig why not buy it? 


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[19 Nov 2008|12:46pm]
...and the juice of God Eagles. 

What was the first part of this sentence? 
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Solitude getting louder by the minute... [16 Nov 2008|09:28am]
I wrote another piece based on Too Loud a Solitude.  The first one, a piece for string ensemble, can be found here (midi) and here (a rough version with live instruments). 

The new piece is for piano and cello.  It features my sub-par pianoing and my passable celloing.  It is called "Hanta's Dream".

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[03 Nov 2008|11:09pm]
In my life, as in yours, there have been bad decisions and good ones. Good experiences and bad ones. Inevitably these decisions and experiences are causally related, some directly and some more indirectly. They also do not exist separately, with good and bad strands running in parallel. There is only one long string of events. Sometimes it can be scary to think about the terrible linearity that has risen up behind you, contrasted with the infinitely varied, but in some ways fundamentally limited, possibilities of the future.

Surely there are decisions I have made that I could say were more or less empirically bad ones. But they are part of the chain that led to whatever good things came afterward as well. So even if you could, it is far too frightening a prospect to actually go back and change something. What you have now, what you have done, as meager as it may be, is certain at least. Who would willing to put more of their years back into terms of what might be and what you might accomplish?

We say we have choices, and in an obvious way that is true of course.  But up until we have a choice to make we are unaware of it.  And after it is made it becomes another one of the things that simply is.  Free will only extends in one direction.  And it happens to be the one we see the least clearly in.   

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[30 Oct 2008|10:09pm]

An homage to town theme music from Role Playing Games. Finished it a while ago, but didn't bother to upload it. Enjoy!
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I find your lack of faith endearing. [27 Oct 2008|07:29pm]
For one reason and another (and another) I've had to redo "What You Get" three times now, and I barely have the energy to see it through to the end. But I will. I'll get the energy back somehow. The traditional method is sleep. And I am nothing if not a traditionalist.

I guess that was probably sarcasm. But I have a headache, so it is hard to tell.

When I've got these songs a bit more polished I'll put it in an online store. And then. Something!

Started the second movement on a cello quartet. The first movement isn't done or anything, but I'm glad that things are being made. I've got a lot of projects going on. And I like them all. That's not so bad.

How are you?
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We Found the Right Machine [26 Sep 2008|07:14pm]
Another song. http://www.last.fm/music/Robert+Tunstall/_/We+Found+the+Right+Machine?autostart

For your consideration.
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